Interest Free Credit Cards Made Easy. Here's Where I Found Mine.

Lots of companies offer 12 month interest free credit cards, they all very different so you have to make sure you do good research and get the best card out there.

Some interest free credit cards compensate for the interest free offer by charging you higher rates when the intro period is over. Other interest free credit cards add other fees like higher charges if you go over your spending limit or miss a payment.

Good 12 months interest free credits card may include the following:

    * A low interest rate after the 12 month introductory period
    * Zero percent interest on purchases & balance transfers
    * No or Low balance transfer fee (usually 2-2.5%)
    * No or Low annual fees

I used an interest free credit cards comparison site to find my card. It made the comparison much easier than any other options. To view it, click here.